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Testimonials of former students and awards


“It is not the titles that honor the man, but the man who honors the titles"

Our University is dedicated to all those adults who want to strengthen or resume their academic career. Most of our students are workers, experienced professionals in their field, who still intend to expand their knowledge.

This is why we are careful to understand the objectives of each of our students and build a tailor-made academic path for him. It would be useless to repeat exams on subjects in which the student is already an expert, practicing them daily in his work.

This is why we start from man to build his formation. And that's why we recognize previous work, life and professional experiences in university credits.

We often have among our students distinguished professionals in their field. If the person who arrives is an expert in business administration and has proven to bring his company to success, it is a duty for us to start it already from the third-year study plan, also because the person in question sometimes knows as much as our teachers, if not more.

It happened to us, for example, to have among our members a football world champion, former player in Serie A, coach and sports manager. To him we recognized the whole path in Sports Sciences. It was enough for him to take a few exams to obtain his degree.
Often people who have already been successful in life choose to study with us because they recognize the fact that we have a complete vision of man. For us, the human being remains at the center of everything.

We also regularly graduate and have honorary awards.

In the videos on this page, we have a selection of our international awards and awards dedicated to excellence for a better world.

"It is not the titles that honor the man, but the man who honors the titles."

This is the motto that the Popular University has followed since its origins for almost more than a century.

Testimonials of our former students and awards


The first initial and institutional prize was the International Prize in honor of Gabriele D'Annunzio¹.

Gabriele D'annunzio, who had already been awarded a degree in Letters Honoris Causa by the Sapienza University of Rome, loved very much the awards and honors as motivating elements for a lifestyle dedicated to the social.

The main prizes, awards and recognitions that the university dedicates are three:

  • The first, the oldest for the University, is the international award in honor of Gabriele D'Annunzio.
  • The second recognition is the Benedetto Croce, distinction to culture and teaching and sociopolitical merits.
  • Finally, the most recent, established by the University in 2006, the Honorary Degreein various disciplines and socio-professional areas.

Who are they dedicated to?

They are aimed at women and men who have distinguished themselves, characterized by the noblest virtue of the human being: the ability to dream and respect their dream. Awards, tributes and tributes to scientists, artists, sportsmen and dreamers who have made the world better.

Our winners are many, including Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso. In the last quarter of a century we remember:

  • In music: Gino Lattila and Giorgio Consolini (winners of the Sanremo Festival and ambassadors of Italian music in the world), M. Francis and F. Zappalà
  • Director: S. Alleva
  • In fashion: L. Bali
  • In politics: P. Scaroni, S.E. Maradiaga, Romano Prodi
  • In the social: Mario Furlan, Tommaso Dapri
  • In sport: Fiona May, Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Altobelli, Filippo Galli.  

We believe that: "If someone in life does well, tell him!"

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