Single-cycle Master's Degree

and Doctorates

The single-cycle Master's Degree is a second-level qualification that is acquired at the end of a course that lasts five or six years depending on the faculty, accessible immediately after graduation.
The single-cycle master's degree is provided only for certain types of courses that require enrolment in a professional register and differ from other degrees in duration.
Those who hold a specialist or master's degree are entitled to the academic qualification of master's degree and will be able to choose whether to continue their studies with a doctorate

Degree in International Law

The single-cycle degree course in International Law lasts 5 years and aims to train professionals who are experts in international law.

The course provides basic knowledge related to the structure of the international order in the era of globalization and examines the normative sources, the main subjects and actors, the sanctioning mechanisms, the structure of international organizations, such as the UN and the International Criminal Court.

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PhD Research Doctorates

Commonly called, in the European Region, "Ph.D.", the Ph.D. – 3rd Level / Cycle is a scientific research path that takes place over a period of time ranging from 2 to 3 years, also in collaboration between the University and research institutions or teams of international researchers.

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