The bachelor's degree is an academic qualification that is obtained at the end of the first university cycle.

Commonly known as the "Bachelor's Degree", this certificate allows access to a specialization training path.

The university system is in fact divided into 3 cycles, aimed at refining their knowledge and skills in a given sector.

The first cycle has a more generic character and lays the foundations for pursuing more specific studies, obtaining a bachelor's degree.

With the second and third cycles you get respectively the master's degree and the PhD, focused on professional training with specialization study.

Political science 

The three-year degree course in Political Science provides a preparation to operate in various sectors of professional activity.

This path ensures flexible and articulated training, adequate to interpret social and institutional changes and to grasp the needs of innovation. 

The student will face an academic process characterized by a multidisciplinary approach that deepens training activities in law, sociology, statistics, history and fundamentals of economics deepening knowledge of political economy and economic policy.

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Civil, Environmental and Territorial Engineering 

The graduate in Civil Environmental and Land Engineering earns the degree of Doctor of Civil Engineering.

This professional can work in all those Civil, Construction, Environmental and Land Engineering problems where soils and rocks, structures, transportation, hydraulics and in areas related to land defense and in surveying disciplines are involved. May assume a management role.

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Communication Sciences 

The Communication Sciences graduate is a professional who consciously masters communication processes in political and social organization at all levels and also delves into interaction at the individual and group levels.

In this sense, the bachelor's degree program in Communication Sciences provides the skills to move through the complexities of communication in the contemporary world, with a strategic focus on content in relation to the different areas in which communication in fact takes place: on the one hand, mass communication, especially in the areas of radio, television and cinema, and on the other hand, the new technologies of Web 2.0.

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Economics and Law

The Bachelor's degree program in Economics and Law aims to train a legal practitioner who possesses a solid basic cultural and legal background, supported by adequate economic-business, computer and language skills, as well as in the field of political-economic cooperation on the international level.

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The Sociology graduate studies the fundamentals, processes and typical manifestations of associated life in order to describe them, interpret them, analyze them causally and consequently predict their trend lines.

Having identified and analyzed socially relevant problems, the Sociologist implements a design of problem-solving interventions.

The Faculty of Sociology aims to train scholars and experts who, equipped with theoretical tools and operational skills, act professionally in the various areas of social organization.

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Criminology and Investigative Science

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Investigative Science provides for the acquisition of a cultural base on which to graft additional skills acquired and developed during the course of studies.

The sociological and criminological skills that the student will acquire will pay attention both to the evolution of criminal phenomena and to intervention strategies and plans intended for the prevention and promotion of social security.

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Counseling Science

Counseling is a Science that studies and deepens the set of skills and Techniques for helping people in order to manage problems related to transitional phases such as: states of crisis, developmental processes by improving relational and communication skills, as well as, increased self-knowledge, stress management, overcoming any difficult moments, and the ability to make decisions with awareness.

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Holistic Sciences

The degree program in Holistic Science is a course of study that trains professionals in holistic and bio-natural subjects through learning the specific subjects, methods and techniques of Naturopathy.

Human well-being through a state of harmony between mind, body and soul is the key concept of holism. Which means precisely, "all, whole."

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Sport Sciences
and Sports Activities

The bachelor's degree program in Sport Sciences and Sports Activities provides a solid scientific, technical and methodological/teaching foundation for working in the broad area of motor and sports activities.
The graduate in Sports Science and Activities will learn all the fundamental knowledge to draw up ad hoc training programs and motor education courses, both individual and group, for all levels and ages.

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Health Coaching

The graduate course in "Health Coaching" aims to train experts in the areas of mental and physical emotional well-being, with skills in communication with one's mindset, group, life coaching, business and sports coaching.

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