How the Telematic University works

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The Telematic University works through an online platform on which all the study contents of each course are uploaded: training pdfs, texts, teaching material and sometimes even audio and video.

This allows our students to access courses at any time and from anywhere, leaving them the opportunity to study from home or office.

Our platform is interactive and includes verification and check-control variants.

While a traditional university hardly controls the presence in the classroom, not even during plenary departmental or faculty activities, telematic universities allow the verification of the student's presence through the VSM, Verification System Program. With a USB digital recognition that verifies access and / or facial ID for a feedback of attendance in the virtual classroom, attendance is monitored and hours of lessons are certified by creating personalized analytical algorithms.

Also for online exams, term papers, theses and intermediate tests, new MIUR ministerial administrative directives have recently been adopted during the Covid 19 DPCM in which online delivery was expressed in a qualitatively better way compared to the training proposed by traditional universities.

An aspect of primary importance is the quality of the video lessons.

The lecturer, professor in charge, produces with his university team a communicative format that as its essence must and is constituted in its anthropological essence, without wasting time and is a concentrate in its centrality of the DNA of the matter itself.
It is not a didactic elixir but a cultural expression in which words and concepts pass with extreme ease being the maximum expression of training.

This is an unprecedented formative dynamic compared to the previous traditional world.

How does the online learning methodology work?


The functioning of learning is formally constituted by 3 steps:

  1. Pre-introductory analysis of the subject and demand of training needs. In this phase the individual study plan is created by establishing an "ad hoc" structure built on the basis of the student's initial knowledge of the subject. The concept is to know the gap between the current didactic cultural position and the objective of the exam. If a student is already aware of a subject as it pertains to his professional activity, it can be considered to recognize the work experience and validate it in university credits.
  2. Study plan and online training. Our training takes place mainly online, through our latest generation platform that provides for the insertion of any type of digital content. However, some faculties, such as Criminology and Investigative Sciences, may also include a part of frontal training.
    Forums and social media are available that allow working groups for comparison and cultural socialization with other students of the same course. This comparison and exchange of teaching measures is often moderated by a tutor, in order to guarantee an academic standard of excellence.
  3. Exams, checks and checks. Following the training period, the University becomes a bilaterally appointed "guarantor" – as a trainer and verification body. All our exams are remote and take place through the digital platform. Our two main offices in Milan and Rome are the only ones in charge of managing degree theses. The exams of the other courses can also be managed by the other universities (about twenty) affiliated and scattered throughout Italy (especially Lombardy and Lazio). Each location with responsibility for the exam refers to verification models and procedures dictated by the central offices, in order to guarantee an excellent standard of capitalization of knowledge.
Come funziona la metodologia di apprendimento telematica?
Chi frequenta le Università Telematiche?

Who attends the Telematic Universities?


The users of telematic universities, and / or of the telematic model provided by the rare universities of international law studies, are generally all people already engaged professionally and in the family, who have the desire to grow and for whom it is essential to make the best use of their time.

According to recent studies collected from the main statistical sources, students of online universities have a greater spirit of growth and greater motivation than the classic ordinary freshmen of the classical university world.

The age of those who attend the Telematic University is mostly made up of the over 28s and not the canonical twenty-year-olds.

The Telematic University is chosen by all those who voluntarily get back into the game with respect to students of social obligation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telematic Universities


The advantages are now clear and evident: the time element is the protagonist.

Being able to enjoy the University at night or early in the morning or whenever you want, studying from home or in the office or from anywhere, is an extraordinary luxury. You can interact in the most productive moments of your day or simply in those available, without having to compromise your agenda of professional or personal commitments.

Thanks to the Telematic University, the time to reach the degree is shortened by an average of 20% compared to the times of the traditional university, as the capitalization of time and efficiency leads to the achievement of objectives without wasting energy.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, can be grouped into three points:

  • a) Frontal socialization is missing. Knowing, seeing, touching, looking into each other's eyes and making friends. This is certainly priceless and irreplaceable. The Telematic University tries to make up for this lack by creating working groups between students, who can also decide to attend outside the course of study and, as professionals, also tighten any future collaborations.
  • b) Erasmus is not available: online platforms cannot offer you the opportunity to study outside your home, abroad, with a group of peers of the same age.
  • c) Limits in academic training. Do you want to be a university professor? The researcher? The traditional university is certainly the most suitable answer.
Vantaggi e Svantaggi delle Università Telematiche

Are Telematic Universities recognized?


Telematic universities are recognized in the same legal way as the others.

These in law are part of the Italian legal system. They are granted the legal capacity to exercise the functions and the university virtues to all intents and purposes for a cultural educational provision of telematic format.

The legal and legal regulation refers to the directives present in the Lisbon Convention for the recognition of qualifications in the European region.

The territorial legal doctrine, therefore the Italian one, is then dropped by the European directives for its interpretation and its applicability.

The formulas are generally authorized by the Ministry of competence, the MIUR, signed by the Minister or the Undersecretary of State who with an authorization decree grants the legal capacity to exercise university functions in the departmental subjects of the required faculties.

The aforementioned process of requests is difficult to reach and dedicated exclusively to a few institutions.

Come iscriversi all’Università Telematica

How to enroll in the Telematic University


The evaluations of the choice of the telematic university compared to the choice of traditional ones are lower.

The geographical area does not matter, as it will not be necessary to attend in presence. If you want to enroll in a Telematic University, the elements you should evaluate are mainly two:

  1. Faculties and study programs. Find the training proposal that's right for you: Sociology with a psychological address rather than Counseling Sciences.
  2. Curricular appreciation. It is very important for you to know how many credits (university credits) the university recognizes you based on your curriculum. The recognition of credits is aimed exclusively at students over twenty years of age. The request for recognition of credits will be taken into consideration for all those who have passed previous university exams, professional training, courses, but also for those who have experience of professional and personal relevance. The recognition of credits allows you to continue your university career.

The Ettore Ferrari platform

The Ettore Ferrari platform is available only to students enrolled at our Corporate in via Manara 5, Milan.

Students belonging to the Rome and Milan campuses must contact their academic contact person directly.

Access to the platform is guaranteed through an identification code (username) and a keyword (password), which will be provided to the student when completing the enrolment in the Degree Course.

Access to the platform is not transferable and viewing by third parties is prohibited.

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