Recognition of
CFU training credits

The UniversitĂ  Popolare degli studi di Milano, University of International Law recognizes access to its degree and higher education paths by voluntarily and optionally following the criteria dictated by the Ministry and in particular by the law of April 2, 2022 number 33 despite being exempted under the MIUR Ministerial Decree 214/01 for affiliation reported in the authorizing act in Annex 3 of the 2011 MIUR Protocol 313 and specifically in the attached in-depth CFU, where it is clear the discretion of adoption.

Prior to that date in Italy, professional credits were flexibly recognized albeit only if they were in line with the chosen academic pathway, turning them from professional credits into academic credits.

After the 2022 reform, the People's University of Milan Studies recognizes in a capped and discretionary form up to a maximum of 12 undergraduate credits out of 60 credits per year for professional experience previously gained and habitually carried out. However, only and always in line with the chosen academic pathway, while all academic and university training (exams taken during the undergraduate pathway, master's degrees with open access profile also open to graduates and other valuable training carried out in other universities) are evaluated by the relevant bodies for the purpose of recognition of academic credits valid for the undergraduate pathway, as prescribed by the aforementioned norm, without prejudice, however, to the possibility for the People's University of Milan as a university not subject to the authority of the MIUR but to the relevant international norms and those pertaining to the Lisbon Convention to freely recognize to its students CFUs, given the sovereignty of the university, the attribution of CFUs after evaluation of the professional credits already achieved.

Therefore, it is possible to recognize in any form or manner degree paths even in a rather short time as long as the prescribed requirements are met and always in harmony with UUPN partner universities.