The Master's Degree indicates an academic degree that is acquired at the end of a specific course of university study. It is what used to be the bachelor's degree, that is, the second cycle of higher education after the bachelor's degree.

The purpose of the master's degree is to perfect students' education in a particular field, so as to provide high-level preparation for entering the world of work.

The term "master's degree" is used to refer to 2 distinct paths of undergraduate study.

The magistral degree refers to the second cycle, that is, the more specialized one that can be obtained only after completing the first 3 years of university.

The single-cycle master's degree, on the other hand, is a course of study by which only one academic degree is obtained, which has the same value as the three-year and two-year degrees.

This has a duration of 5 or 6 years depending on the individual faculties, and can be accessed after high school studies.

Environmental Engineering

The specific educational objectives are to give the graduate a methodological preparation, utilizing all the basic, mathematical, physical, chemical, and computer knowledge and the knowledge of the specific characterizing subjects of civil and environmental engineering, so that they are able to deal with and satisfactorily solve new technical problems, even advanced ones, and that they can continue the completion of the preparation itself with the attainment of a master's degree.

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Political Science in Humanities

The master's degree course in Political Sciences with a Humanities orientation directs the student towards deepening the sociological, political science, economics and history disciplines by providing a secure mastery of the professional skills necessary to interpret and govern the evolutionary dynamics of social, political and economic phenomena.

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Communication Sciences ind. Marketing and Finance

The master's degree course in Communication Sciences with a focus on Marketing and Finance is aimed at both immediate professional entry into the world of work and access to higher education.
The scientific activity of the Department to which the degree course pertains creates profiles of professional figures linked in particular to private companies.

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Criminology and Investigative Sciences

The degree course in Criminology and Investigative Sciences provides for the acquisition of a cultural basis on which to graft further skills acquired and developed during the studies.

Sociological and criminological skills will focus attention both on the evolution of criminal phenomena and on intervention strategies and plans for prevention and the promotion of social security.

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Criminology and Investigative Sciences applied to Cultural Heritage and Antiquities

The master's degree course in Criminology and Investigative Sciences applied to Cultural Heritage and Antiquities provides for the acquisition of a specific cultural basis for those criminological courses centered on the subject of Cultural Heritage.
Sociological and criminological skills already acquired with the three-year course lay the foundations for being able to enter into the specific characteristic aimed at crimes and illegality related to cultural heritage, giving the necessary learning to know how to recognize both ancient and modern cultural heritage and to classify it according to characteristics related to the historical context of when it was produced.

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Sociology address Psychology

The master's degree in Sociology with a Psychological specialization aims to train a professional who, in addition to an adequate level of knowledge in the basic psychological disciplines, must possess specific skills that allow him to intervene in different organizational contexts concerning the selection and evaluation of human resources, organizational consultancy, career guidance.

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Economics and Law for businesses and public administrations

The master's degree course in Economics and Law for Businesses and Public Administrations was created in response to the need to prepare young managers and administrators ready to work in organizations and institutions most affected by the rapid evolution of the public and private sectors.

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